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Brendan Serapiglia, Ph. D.

"Ultrafast Tunable Antenna-Coupled Quantum-Well THz Detectors Operating Above 100K"

Joint 30th International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves and 13th International Conference on Terahertz-Electronics (IRMMW-THz 2005), Williamsburg, VA
(G. B. Serapiglia, M. S. Sherwin, M. Hanson, M. F. Doty, P. Focardi, W. R. McGrath and A. C. Gossard)


"Detection of Terahertz Light with Intersubband Transitions in Semiconductor Quantum Wells"

Proceedings of Far-IR Sub-mm and mm Detector Technology Workshop
(C. Cates, G. B. Serapiglia,Y. Dora, J. Heyman, J. B. Williams and M. S. Sherwin


"Tunable Antenna-coupled Intersubband Terahertz (TACIT) Mixers: The Quantum Limit Without the Quantum Liquid"

Proceedings of Far-IR Sub-mm and mm Detector Technology Workshop
(M. S. Sherwin, C. Cates, B. Serapiglia, Y. Dora, J. B. Williams, K. Maranowski, A. C. Gossard, W. R. McGrath)


"Nonequilibrium Electron Distributions in a Three-Subband InGaAs/InAlAs Quantum Well Studied Via Double Resonance Spectroscopy"

Applied Physics Letters, vol. 77, 857-859
(G. B. Serapiglia, K. L. Vodopyanov and C. C. Phillips)


"Laser-Induced Quantum Coherence in a Semiconductor Quantum Well"

Physical Review Letters, vol. 84, no. 5, pp. 1019-1022.
(G. B. Serapiglia, E. Paspalakis, C. Sirtori, K. L.Vodopyanov and C. C. Phillips)


"Phase-Matched Second Harmonic Generation in Asymmetric Double-Quantum Wells"

Applied Physics Letters, vol.72, p.2654-2656
(K. L. Vodopyanov, K. O’Neill, G. B. Serapiglia, C. C. Phillips, M. Hopkinson, I. Vurgaftman and J. R. Meyer)