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About The Firm & Practice Areas

Gates & Cooper LLP is an intellectual property law firm specializing in providing high-value patent prosecution and related intellectual property legal services to large corporations, universities and start-up companies.

Gates & Cooper LLP has two practice groups with expertise spanning a range of high technology fields. Our attorneys in the Electronics, Computer & Internet Practice Group have significant experience in a number of technical disciplines, including: computer hardware and software, Internet applications, control and communication systems, consumer electronics, digital signal processing, semiconductor device and materials design, antenna design, and spacecraft design. The attorneys in our Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Practice Group have significant expertise in such disciplines as: recombinant molecules and methods for their use; immunotherapeutic molecules, vaccines and methods; immunodiagnostics; genomics; gene therapy; transgenic animals and plants; formulations for biological molecules; bioassay devices and methods; high-throughput screening assays; and Raman spectroscopy.

Our attorneys are supported by a staff of legal assistants with substantial experience in both domestic and foreign patent and trademark prosecution matters. Together, they represent years of hands-on patent prosecution and intellectual property experience.

We employ a state-of-the-art computer system that integrates docketing, practice forms, and personal calendaring for each attorney. Whenever possible, it is our practice to file responses to official actions by the first due date, and to report official actions to our clients promptly upon receipt. These measures avoid fees for extensions of time and optimize the patent term.

Our attorneys are actively involved in professional associations, and regularly speak at and attend professional meetings at both the local and national levels.

We understand that different clients have different needs and priorities, and we are accustomed to tailoring our services to meet each client's needs. We are committed to accommodating the needs and preferences of each individual client, and we encourage you to share with us your concerns and priorities so that we address them in the most effective manner.


Electronics, Computer & Internet Practice Group

Our Electronics, Computer & Internet Practice Group focuses on value-added patent prosecution and client counseling. Our attorneys are highly experienced engineers and scientists, and are able to work with inventors across the scientific and engineering disciplines to prepare patent applications, and our combined technical and legal backgrounds allow us to provide advice and counseling on portfolio management and prosecution strategies for our clients.

Our expertise includes over fifty years of combined experience relating to all aspects of digital and analog electronics, computer software and hardware, system design and analysis, and the internet and electro-mechanical devices. Some of the areas that our attorneys have drafted and successfully prosecuted patent applications are: electronics including digital and analog circuits; compound and homogeneous semiconductor materials and devices; semiconductor material growth and processing techniques; optical and electro-optical materials, devices, and systems; computer hardware and software systems and devices, including Internet related technologies and business methods; computer graphics and graphical user interfaces; data compression; satellite and terrestrial telecommunications systems and devices; computer and telecommunications networks; and cellular telephone systems.

Our clients span a wide range of sizes and disciplines, and include Fortune 100 as well as start-up companies. We are also extremely proud to represent multiple Nobel Laureates, internationally known researchers, and some of the most prestigious universities and private research centers in the world.

Represenative clients include: The Boeing Company, Commscope, Inc., Rambus, Inc., Sitecore Corporation, Teradata US, Inc., Viant Technology, Inc., The University of California, The California Institute of Technology, Autodesk, Inc., Fox Broadcasting Company, and MySpace.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience in U.S. and foreign patent prosecution, patentability, infringement and validity opinions, litigation support, trademark and copyright prosecution, as well as administrative law practice before the U.S., European, and other national patent offices. Our attorneys are supported by a staff of highly-trained legal assistants with significant experience in these areas.

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Practice Group

Our Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Practice Group emphasizes patent prosecution and client counseling relating to therapeutic and diagnostic devices and compositions. Our biotechnology attorneys have drafted and prosecuted patent applications relating to: medical devices for monitoring patient physiology, medical devices for altering patient physiology, biologically active chemical compositions (including antibodies, recombinant polypeptides and small molecules) as well as methods for making and using such devices and compositions.

Our attorneys have drafted and prosecuted patent applications specifically directed to: medical devices used to administer therapeutic compositions, analyte sensor devices, small chemical compounds, immunotherapeutic molecules, immunodiagnostic assays; genomics and gene profiling; methods and vectors for in vitro and in vivo expression of recombinant molecules; transgenic organisms; formulations for biological molecules; bioassay devices and methods; as well as high-throughput screening assays.

Our clients include large corporations, universities and start-up companies. Representative clients include Genentech, Inc., Medtronic, Inc., and the University of California.

In addition to representing our clients before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, we have extensive experience with European and international patent practice. Our staff includes legal assistants with extensive foreign filing experience. We make use of that experience as we assist our biotechnology clients in the pursuit of international protection for their technology.

Our biotechnology attorneys also have experience in litigation support, trademark and copyright prosecution, appeals before the U.S. and European patent offices, and opinions on patentability, validity and infringement. Our attorneys are supported by a staff of experienced legal assistants. Our legal assistants have expertise in patent and trademark prosecution, foreign filing and the special needs of biotechnology clients, including preparation of sequence listings, chemical drawings and handling the deposit of biological materials.

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